How The Compliance Function Is Evolving In 2018 — Five Key Findings

The security and compliance landscape is ever changing. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure your organization is protected against the threats of today and prepared to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

With the cohesive structure of Microsoft 365, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right tools in place across your organization to adapt quickly to industry shifts.

It’s never too early to start looking ahead. Contact us to learn more about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your security and compliance functions.

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Don’t Miss Another Update from CalAV, Inc

M365 integrates powerful productivity and collaboration tools and enterprise-grade device management and security on one easy-to-deploy platform, so you can enable employees to connect seamlessly with people, data and resources from anywhere at any time. With agility and security at its core, M365 gives you the confidence of knowing your employees can do their best work without putting sensitive data at risk or creating more worries for IT. Subscribe now to receive weekly content updates on how CalAV, Inc can help you drive results with M365.

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Customer Story: Marshall Public Schools

When implementing technology in schools, there is always a push and pull between security and freedom. Too much security and the technology will lose its usefulness to students and teachers. On the other hand, allowing students to access and download anything they want can pose significant security risks.

Using Windows 10 in S Mode, Marshall School District is able to strike the ideal balance between fostering creativity and collaboration in their students while ensuring each device is always kept secure. Students can graduate with a skillset that will allow them to excel in college and beyond.

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What DaaS Means for You: Benefits Galore!

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. But it could just as easily stand for Delight as a Service, because DaaS delights everyone by placing THE most current technology at their fingertips. It makes obsolescence a thing of the past. It improves overall productivity. It bundles all of the services you need to maintain and support your devices into a single, budget-friendly, monthly subscription that eliminates upfront costs and lowers the TCO. Read this 1-page “What DaaS Means for You” overview, brought to you by CalAV, Inc, for all of the delightful details!

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What DaaS Means for You

What Does Device as a Service (DaaS) Mean for You? It means delighting your staff with the latest Windows 10 devices, preloaded and customized with the most current software available. It means a monthly subscription bundle that includes all of the maintenance, support, and managed IT services that you could possibly need. It means eliminating high upfront costs and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). Check out this 1-minute video, brought to you by CalAV, Inc, for details about how DaaS programs will benefit you.

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Fruit of the Loom: Woven into the Fabric

How does Microsoft 365 Enterprise drive digital transformation at Fruit of the Loom? Watch this video to see the variety of ways the Microsoft 365 platform empowers employee collaboration and strengthens Fruit of the Loom’s relationships with retailers.

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What Is DaaS? Obsolete Devices Forgotten!

With Device as Service (DaaS) you can stop worrying about obsolete devices, or security issues, or cash flow problems. Read this 1-page “What Is DaaS?” overview, brought to you by CalAV, Inc, for just about everything you need to know about DaaS. Then you’ll be on your way to worry-free IT with all new Windows 10 devices for your entire staff, preloaded and customized with the software you need to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

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